1.  Off to a Strong Start--Teaching Technique to Elementary and Intermediate Students

2.  Get Back in Shape, and Stay That Way--A Seminar of Professional Development 

​3.  Teaching Elementary Technique--The Essentail Building Blocks

4.  Teaching Technique to the Intermediate Student--The Gateway to Advanced Playing

5.  Teaching the Artistry of Pedaling--The Gateway to Sensitive Playing

6.  Growning Young Pianists--A Creative Look at the Classic Repertoire (teaching "sets" is an essential component of this lecture)

7.   Beyond the Intermediate Horizon--POreparing Intermediate Students for the Technical Demands of Advanced Literature

8.  The Artistry of Phrasing--Teaching Students to Listen from the Beginning

Additional Topics are Available Upon Request......

Dr. Carol Ann Barry

Conference Presentations/Lectures

Masterclasses for all levels are available and can be combined with a presentation.

Presentations below have been given at numerous national and international conferences.

1.  The Art of Outlining--A Crucial Practice Technique ( Selected by the Piano Technicians Guild for summer research through the PTG Grant in 2010.)

2.  Practicing Smarter, Not Harder--A plethora of practicing techniques for all levels.  Emphasis can be adjusted upon request.

3.  Bringing Out the Best in Your Transfer Student

4.  Working with ADHD and Special Needs Students in the Independent Studio